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Inspection of Fire Preventive Property
What is the Inspection of Fire Preventive Property?
  Building fire accident in Shinjuku-Kabukicho was occurred in September 2001 which was the recent worst one many people died.
This accident forced to have modification of Japanese Fire Service Law introducing new system which was "Fire Preventive Property's Inspection Report", aimed to achieve the consistency and completeness of the fire preventive property management.
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Who is a Inspector of Fire Preventive Property?

The Seminar Organizations acknowledged by the Prime Minister will issue
a license to persons who completed the whole courses of the seminar provided.
Inspection details are as follows;

  • Fire protections manager assignment
  • Fire protection schedule
  • Fire training
  • Clear of evacuation means
  • Check fire doors for obstruction
  • Check label indication for fire retardant of finish
  • Check for compliance of fire protection systems with the Code and Regulations
  When I found no deficiencies, I will issue a certificate for compliance with the relevant regulations
Inspector of Fire Preventive Property

When you request the inspection to Fire Department, and your property is recognized as properly maintained, you would get the certificate for "Highly-protected Risk".
Then you will be waived a submission of inspection report to Fire Department for three(3) years.

By request, I will perform the inspection. If the results proved no deficiencies, you would get the waives of inspection and report for three(3) years.

Flow Chart  
1) Request by owner
2) Explain inspection system to tenants
3) Listing test items

1) Request by occupant

2)Obtain arch. DWGS
Fire Protection Inspection Log

6) Inspection
5) Notice to occupants
4) Preparation

7) Evaluation


8) Advice for improvement

9) Report inspection results
10)Report to Fire Department
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