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Inspection Proposal
Inspection and Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems

No one can predict a disaster for where, when, how occurs, if it is unfortunately happened, the various kinds of protection systems should be operated without any failures.

Japanese Fire Service Law has strictly requested the building owners, facility managers, and occupancies to keep the protection systems being inspected and maintained proper function at all times, and report to Fire Department the results of inspection.

We are confident that you will find that our services "Safety-Security" are the best in the market, you will get straight answers regarding your enquires as to product availability, installation, costing for inspection, and etc. utilizing our knowhow and competent technology.

Who is a responsible person for inspection and report...
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Inspection and Maintenance Procedures
1. Maintenance contract will be fixed after detailed discussions and coordination with customer.
2. Performance  
3. Document Test Report  
4. Deficiency Report and Costing  
5. Repair
6. Submit Test Report to Fire Department
7. Return the Inspection Report to the owner of the property

We are looking forward to receiving your enquiry for Inspection and Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems in your facilities.
Please click "Form" to place a enquiry. And also you can reach us with Tel 045-319-4488.

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